Kenyan student gave country presentation of Culture and Nuclear Profile Introduction

Author:Mahamady DIABYHits:14Update time:2020-10-16

    On October 15th, Mr. Dominic, a master student introduced the culture and the nuclear profile of the Republic of KENYA.

    The Republic of KENYA is an East African country with 580,367km² of land area and a population of 47,564,296 people composed of 42 tribes including Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin etc.

The Kikuyu tribe

    The Republic of KENYA is best known for its prowess in marathon event (Eliud Kipchoge, world record holder, Bridgit Kosgei etc.) but also for its wonderful touristic sites (The Maasai Mara- Wildebeest migration, Mt. Kenya (2nd)– Mountain Climbing, Kenyan Coast etc.)

Eliud Kipchoge    The Maasai Mara- Wildebeest migration

    KENYA has 2531 MW power capacity installed mainly produced from renewable energy sources including hydro, thermal, geothermal, wind,etc.

    Nevertheless, KENYA started implementing a nuclear power program since April 2010. Since, the establishment of the NEPC in 2010 to establishment of the NuPEA (Nuclear Power and Energy Agency) in 2019 the program has evolved in several levels.

   Nowadays, under the NuPEA the Republic of KENYA is promoting the nuclear technology through the public sensitizing. Progress is also being done in human resource development and policies and legislation implementation. Meanwhile the Radiation Protection Board is developing collaborative programs to ensure the efficient use of ionizing radiation (for protecting the public and the environment against the harmful effects).